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The site, commonly known as the Craigslist of China, has grown popular in the mainland since its creation in 2005 as a one-stop site for listings of rentals, job offers, second-hand goods, and classifieds. As a result, 58runs offices in 26 different Chinese cities, making use of a local presence to train vendors in local environs on how to use its site.

The company has an average of 129.7 million monthly unique visitors to its website and posted a net profit of 0,000 on revenue of .8 million in the first half of 2013, according to its prospectus filed with Securities and Exchange Commission. The company then sells the vendors memberships or other marketing packages, which give listings a special priority at the top of different sections of the site.

To learn more about groups currently fundraising to ship books to specific African countries, view the Projects page.

To learn more about the Jack Mason Law & Democracy Initiative, Agricultural Libraries, or French Books view the Special Initiatives page In an unprecedented week of activity, Books For Africa has reached two major milestones!

When we started Open Usability in 2005, experienced usability/UX/​interaction experts were scarce. Back in 2005, software projects that took usability & UX serious were extremely scarce (regardless of whether they were FOSS or closed/​proprietary). And yet, we are disappointed with the percentage of software that ships today with great usability & UX.

Last year's report brought great feedback and information, and we are proud to have 100% of respondents agree that the books received are relevant to their…

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In einer erstmaligen Zusammenarbeit mit dem neuen delphi LUX der Yorck Kinogruppe zeigt C/O Berlin zwei filmische Arbeiten von Danny Lyon. Es ist ein direktes und doch bizarres Porträt des texanischen Tätowierkünstlers Bill Sanders, einem trinkfesten und scharfzüngigen Macho im schmuddeligen T-Shirt, einem Ex-Häftling, zu dessen Kunden Homosexuelle, Prostituierte und Vorbestrafte gehören – gesellschaftliche Randgruppen, die in den 1960er-Jahren stark mit von der Norm abweichenden oder gar illegalen Subkulturen assoziiert wurden. 10623 Berlin Beginn Uhr Einführung Danny Lyon und Dieter Kosslick, Vorsitzender des Kuratoriums von der C/O Berlin Foundation sowie Direktor der Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin Eintritt 15 Euro .

Mit provokativen, schmerzhaft realen, zuweilen skurrilen, aber auch sehr intimen Bildern schafft es Danny Lyon die einzelnen Charaktere immer wieder auf sehr empathische Weise darzustellen.

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