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Chat adult18 ro

Multiple followers are supported.-The mod features a system where third party modders could register new quests (from separate plugins) associated with certain enemy faction that could then be triggered on defeat.This makes Death Alternative (DA part) into an easily modular-able and expandable framework that provide the core mechanic (bleedout) as well as a few default quests and events (the YMOYL part which can be entirely turned off).

Bandit are more interested in taking your money than your life.

I expect that any other mod using On Bleedout event should always have precedence since DA always require at least one more hit to trigger its own blackout.-, everything is "event based" which means that there is barely any performance cost during normal gameplay.

The condition for trigger is the simplest and fastest one can expect (a single "if" statement with a single non-compounded operand) and "event based" means that when you are not in combat, there is absolutely zero performance cost!

for the PC makes it impossible to be one-shotted by powerful enemies.

The PC has a bleedout HP pool equal to his normal HP pool.

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The downside is: Bandit will sometimes stumble on the unconscious PC as well, and offer to relieve you of your hard earned loot!

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