Consolidating files logic dating a trinidadian

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Consolidating files logic

For support, we called in a snoopy gunship, but only on a limited basis. At the same time, the three of us began taking AK47 fire from our right.

No sooner than the patrol cleared the perimeter, when the NVA opened up on the point element. But being volunteered out all the time because some “hot shot” lieutenant wanted combat time was hateful to the troops in Nam. I brushed them aside so I wouldn’t roll over and give my position away with the sound of crackling.

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I got as close as the next ridgeline to have a clear look, but by then there were no choppers or voices. One man with a collapsed lung, and barely hanging on, looked like the walking dead. Just as he got by his side and reached down to help Dusty, Doc was hit by a blast and died instantly. I took some shrapnel from a grenade, but not enough to take me out of action.

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A machine gun and other small arms opened fire at close range on our left, nailing one soldier, and wounding another.

The following morning, Lt consolidating files logic.

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The choppers started landing and we were throwing the guys on board and some guys were hanging on the sleds. Our CO, Captain Isom, directed my third platoon to deploy farther up the trail.

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