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Young earth creationism looks to the Bible as its authority for the origins and development of life, plus historical accounts of what has happened (both to human cultures and the earth) since time began.

Naturalistic evolution looks to the fossil record as its authority.

Unfortunately, a fisherman off the coast of Madagascar caught a coelacanth in 1938. It is only to point out that although science presents its data as fact, it is only theory, and these theories are subject to change as new data is found (as in the case of the helium isotopes in the crystals). New discoveries should be evaluated and data added to the make the big picture clearer and clearer. If the fossil record were to stand up in court and challenge the Bible, it would fail to disprove the Bible because it simply doesn't have the hard evidence.

However, to say that the fossil record disproves the view of a young earth is simply false. The Bible has given us an account of creation, and an account of the flood, that is a very good explanation for how things came to be, and how marine fossils wound up inland, and on mountains, upon every continent (Genesis –23).

In the course of constructing his now-crumbling creationist empire, Ham has created an alternate reality in which humans hunted dinosaurs to extinction a few thousand years ago after peacefully using them for transport and companionship.

Creationists begin with their conclusion—the text of Genesis is the literal history of the world—then work backward to find their justifications.

The only apparent distinction between the two categories?

“We observe things in the present; we’re assuming that that’s always happened in the past.” In case you didn’t get that point, Ham drives it home again: “There is a difference between what you observe and what happened in the past.” And because we can’t “directly observe” evolution in action, we must instead trust God’s word (as interpreted by Ham, of course—the authors of the Bible were surprisingly silent on the subject of dinosaurs).

Scientists have determined, using radiocarbon dating, the age of fossils in the fossil record.

Because radiocarbon has a half-life of 5,730 years—that is, it takes 5,730 years for half a sample of radiocarbon to decay—it is ostensibly possible to accurately determine the age of a thing by looking at the amount of radiocarbon it contains.

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Ham opened his presentation by whining that those of us who accept evolution are “secularists hijacking the word science” and “imposing the religion of naturalism—atheism—on generations of students.” Evolution, Ham asserts, is “based upon man’s ideas about the past”—but “we weren’t there, and we didn’t observe it.” It’s hubristic, Ham claims, to accept a human-developed theory about the origin of life; the only reliable source of such information is “the biblical account of origins.” Ham supports this strange and sinister version of creationism with a pet theory of bifurcated biology.

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