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Dating msn search result

In 1999, Excite was sold to broadband provider @(later becoming [email protected]) as part of a .7 billion merger after its traffic started to decline with the release of Google in 1998.With significant debts, [email protected] filed for bankruptcy in October 2001 and sold its high-speed network to AT&T for 7 million.A little less than a year later, Web Crawler was fully operating on advertising revenue.

On April 1, 1997 (no fooling), Web Crawler was sold by AOL to Excite.

In October 2002, Yahoo shifted to crawler-based listing for its search results. purchased Overture’s pay-per-click service, which had only months earlier purchased Alta Vista and Allthe Web, and Inktomi’s search database. combined these tools to create its own search index. Search Marketing and provides paid search advertising revenue. Directory remains one of the top indexes powering search listings.

Web Crawler was the first search engine to provide full text search.

A month later, Info Space made a million bid to buy [email protected]’s assets including domain names and trademarks from bankruptcy court.

Infospace’s offer was accepted and they subsequently powered the Excite web site and sold portal components to i Won.

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In 1991, Mark Mc Cahill, a student at the University of Minnesota, effectively used a hypertext paradigm to create Gopher, which also searched for plain text references in files.