Disable cpanellogd updating bandwidth sex dating in balsam lake wisconsin

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Disable cpanellogd updating bandwidth

Edit the file listed below and enter in the IP address of the server that you want to forward the logs to.

Restarted syslogd after you edit the file to apply the new settings. This is related to apache and will keep some sort of current log intact it seems (without postrotate you may see that the error log is rotated but a new error log file is not generated).

Go to /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ and see if there are any files over 2GB You could also run /scripts/runweblogs The latest RELEASE, i think it could some security programs i have installed that are stopping the stats deamon, maybe PRM or LES, i may remove them all apart from APF and BDF and see if stats run with the security not running...

Try to manually run the stats for one account ./runweblogs accountname Let us know the results Something like this would be a good result.

Check for Apache logs like error_log, access_log , suexec_log in /usr/local/apache/logs .

Get into the directory /usr/local/cpanel/base and check if any file as ‘awstats.conf’ exists. So a couple quick folder moves and symlinks can clean things up.

I did get one error whilst trying to do what some one else suggested, i enabled the update awstats link, when clicked it said about access or combined logs, i had it set to access, so changed to combined, the erro what, then said about 0 logs curropt...

but i removed the link again and it just says never updated.../scripts/runweblogs didn't seem to do anything...

You can remove these files using this command: rm -fv /home/*/tmp/Cpanel_* 2.tail -50 /usr/local/cpanel/logs/stats_log shows: [add domain] etherz uk [add domain] etherz jackie.uk [add domain] etherz uk [add domain] piemaste thedaringdiva.[add domain] piemaste [add domain] piemaste newerawrestling.[add domain] piemaste [add domain] piemaste hardcorechampionshipwrestling.[add domain] piemaste [add domain] piemaste kingofsin.[add domain] piemaste [add domain] lukeoz teraustralis.[add domain] lukeoz [add domain] lukeoz nebs.[add domain] lukeoz au [add domain] lukeoz nebssa.[add domain] lukeoz LANGUAGE: english /usr/local/cpanel/lang/.english Update status for /var/cpanel/bandwidth/galaxy-http.rrd: (0) Processing exim stats for galaxy.......Done Update status for /var/cpanel/bandwidth/galaxy-all.rrd: (0) LANGUAGE: english /usr/local/cpanel/lang/.english WEBLANG english Archive Status: 0 About to fork() for galaxy [ALL DOMAINS: ] Child [17691]: exited with signal 0 [add domain] jjumpm2 [add domain] jjumpm2 [add domain] jjumpm2 justlasersplus.[add domain] jjumpm2 uk [add dead domain] jjumpm2 trafficrun.[add domain] jjumpm2 bettertravelworldwide.[add domain] jjumpm2 [add domain] jjumpm2 seemore-affiliates.[add domain] jjumpm2 [add dead domain] jjumpm2 keepingfish.[add dead domain] jjumpm2 [add dead domain] jjumpm2 lasikeyeinformaiton.[add domain] jjumpm2 lasikeyeinformation.[add domain] jjumpm2 [add domain] habbotun http domain] habbotun LANGUAGE: english /usr/local/cpanel/lang/.english Processing exim stats for lenbuck.......Clean up Yum files Yum updates leave package cache files on the server.You can clean up all unneeded yum files by running: yum clean all 4.

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The process runs in the background and stores the results while you continue to work in WHM.

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