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Some 57,000 people were there Saturday, 61,000 on Sunday.The lack of a serious rock act anywhere near the top of the bill at this year’s festival was most painfully felt during Sunday evening’s set by the flimsy EDM-pop duo The Chainsmokers.I.’s Downtown Boys, also refused to table the band’s politics for their set.“This song is called ‘Promissory Note,’ ” Ruiz said near the start of the band’s set on the Tidal stage Sunday afternoon, explaining that people of color “need to stop being asked to light ourselves on fire so white supremacists can keep warm!Mais sa relative petite taille, 1,63 m, a été un frein pour aller encore plus loin et de se présenter au concours Miss France.Il est en effet stipulé dans le règlement que les candidates doivent faire 1,70 m minimum.

Despite the hellacious amount of rain that fell on Saturday, the site was in fairly good shape on Sunday, and added entertainment value was gained in watching inebriated fest-goers trying to negotiate their way through the squishy spots without going splat.Dans l’émission de M6, Emmanuelle, on le rappelle, avait invité ses meilleurs amis et ses sœurs à venir chez elle pour obtenir leur soutien dans cette aventure.Si ses soeurs lui ont apporté leur soutien malgré leurs doutes, on ne peu pas en dire autant de sa mère, qui a rejeté catégoriquement sa démarche.He was dressed in his iconic blue vest and pants emblazoned with statistics about voter suppression and police involved shootings.“We carry this work wherever we go and this is my way of carrying it with me wherever we go.” Victoria Ruiz, the frontwoman of Providence, R.

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