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However, you are taken to a fake Facebook page where you will be asked to like and share the bogus status update. There are seemingly two versions of the scam at this stage. You will be asked to take part in surveys and reveal your personal information.

This ensures the scam’s continued life as it is now on the walls of your Facebook friends, who will themselves share it. The scammers then profit from unethical affiliate marketing, and selling your personal information to data brokers.

That was a pretty bad blow to the ego, getting caught out by that.

Below are some of the most common hoaxes found on Facebook, as well as tips on how to avoid sharing them with your Facebook chums.

People are so used to getting everything for free on the Internet.

And Facebook is an ideal target-rich environment for them to ply their trade.

What do you have to do to earn these amazing millions? Well, apart from spreading spam around, you are also promoting crap, and when people subsequently start ignoring legitimate status messages as a result, the genuine important messages will be overlooked.

As the screenshot says, just copy and paste the the message into your News Feed, and eventually Facebook staff (who have nothing better to do with their time) will search through Facebook and select 1,000 people who fell for it, hook line and sinker. Such as the Mark O’Neill Foundation asking for donations to help a “M O’Neill” stop work for a life of indolence and decadence. There are times when someone posts something sad or generally negative, and suddenly clicking “like” seems really inappropriate.

It was not that long ago that I was fooled by the story circulating on Facebook that the TV series was returning.

I shared it like a panting fanboy then discovered I had been had.

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Now, notice the message, pictured above, started with “Can’t hurt just in case”? Such as death, divorce, losing your job, or finding out that your daughter has outed herself as a Justin Bieber fan.

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