Nate berkus dating brian atwood

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Nate berkus dating brian atwood

This come-hither aesthetic is detectable but not overpowering in his residence.It's a warm, masculine space belying both the gray anonymity and brand-name conformity characteristic of this Italian metropolis.Now that the rooms are complete, Atwood has begun to dream of constructing a catwalklike bridge connecting his studio, located in the same building, to the apartment's front door—not that his landlord would allow it."But if that ever happens," the designer says, "I'm signing Nate up for that project too! "That's why the fabrics are soft and cozy and there is no overhead lighting."Eclectic objects the couple has collected, from a tigereye box to antique frames, help warm up the place as well."The apartment is a reflection of our relationship and of Brian's lifestyle, but most important, it's a home," Berkus explains.") and heel heights ("Is it just me, or does four inches feel extremely low?"), the designer has never lost sleep over developing a furniture plan.

Berkus previously dated Brian Atwood from 2007 to 2009.

"I really wanted to keep the European flavor," Atwood says, pointing out the handsome moldings and parquet floors that glisten as if they have been glazed with honey.

He was also emphatic about bringing in 21st-century toys like a Bang & Olufsen system that pipes music throughout every room, a workout area with Bosu balls and a flat-screen television, and stainless-steel light switches so advanced the whole apartment had to be rewired to accommodate them.

SCROLL FOR PHOTO The interior designer and TV personality was seen getting cozy with Brent in New York City recently, Page Six reported.

They were spotted at Barneys on Madison Avenue on Dec.

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Less pressing to Atwood was the search for furnishings.

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