Need for validating information

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Need for validating information

This is the third in a short series of articles about the excess of information in the "information age".

Earlier articles discussed information overload - what is it? Future articles will consider how: Information Overload A search on Google using the "information" "overload" found 3,080,000 results. It's a good example of the excess of information which we face daily.

In these circumstances ensuring the recognition of "quality" data which can be relied upon is key.

In order to more effectively locate the "quality" information for decision making, there are a number of tools and centralized resources that might be useful.

Such investments in enterprise portals, document management systems, and text retrieval technology give companies better ways to present information. Good presentation of information means focused information relevant to the decision making in progress at any time.

Evaluate the sources to see which of them can provide the best information, and identify the mode and format in which the information is presented.

Keep in mind that different sources provide information in different formats (for different reasons! This where the information gathered is matched with the problem in hand.

The collected information is evaluated and integrated for its relevance, validity and interconnectedness.

In an interactive and inclusive process involving all the concerned parties, form an opinion from the information collected for its effectiveness and efficiency. Has the decision taken help in solving the problem at hand?

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