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The city was Egypt’s main port for not only international trade but tax collection.

According to historians, the city flourished from 6th to 4th century B. Not much is known about the city due to very few references made throughout history.

For example, statues of the pharaoh, the queen, a piece of the temple wall, and the god Hapi were put back together with careful detail.

When originally found, it was all broken into 17 pieces.

Barka is located about 80 kilometers (40 minutes via car) west of the Muscat airport.

To reach the town, take the roundabout by the big Lulu hypermarket and drive for 4 kilometers to the T-intersection at the middle of town.

Did you know our oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface?Intricately handcrafted from stone, it is estimated the statue would have been around 16-feet tall when standing.The location of the statue was near a large temple, which means it could have once been located near a place of worship.Goddio and historians were particularly intrigued by some of the artifacts they found because they proved that the city was the site of a celebration for the “mysteries of Osiris.” According to historical records, this celebration involved a trip where travelers left the port city and gathered at the temple of Amun.One of the first relics to be uncovered was an enormous statue of a pharaoh.

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What was once a major sea port and trade center of the gulf is now a sleepy town called Barka on the Omani coast.