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Resident validating data entry

If parsing succeeds, the code calls the Save Fillup method, passing it an error callback.

This delegate simply displays the error condition in a message box.

As this information covers such diverse topics as students enrolled across the system, degrees awarded, and contracts and grants for each university, to name just a few, it’s vital that data be of the highest quality to ensure that the achievements of each campus are represented fairly and accurately.

There are three basic groups involved in processing each and every file: Data Validation Process The Data Validation Process designed and implemented by the Institutional Research and Academic Planning (IRAP) unit and the Data Services department is aimed at streamlining the validation and certification of data provided for the UC Data Warehouse (UCDW) by the campuses.

In this case, bindings are set directly to the appropriate data classes, which have float properties.

This code simply checks the values of the Fillup properties and returns error strings for any invalid values.

However, not all of the values being checked are supplied by the user, so some initialization must occur beforehand.

This method starts by subtracting the previous odometer reading from the current odometer reading and stores the results in the Fillup.

Distance Driven property so that validation can occur in the class. Validate method and stores the results in a special Save Result object, which it returns to the caller.

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If there are no validation errors, the Save Fillup method saves the fill-up and car data.