Socionic dating

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Socionic dating

Because I definitely have Ne I keep reexamining my type when I get new information. In contrasts Te must follow the established rules / procedure Te demands and Fe will lie to get what it wants.Ti vs Fi is the tricky part because when reading Jung I do think I am Ti. T and F are rational functions, they are about getting results. Introverted Intuition is the most aware of what is possible in the subconscious. Extraverted Intuition is more aware of what is possible in external reality.I was confused by this because I thought only Te was goal oriented. Now that I understand Judgment is goal oriented I can define T and F with I and E.

Because he is INFJ his reactions to my videos made him talk faster than normal to get a grasp on my Ne and Fi together.

Te wants to order thought in accordance with reality.

The limits of thought are defined by reality and if Te is unaware of a higher reality it will define thought by lower empirical reality with no transcendental speculations unless such speculations are discovered to be within the realm reality to begin with.

It looks like very few INTPs choose a different type than INTx in Socionics.

For the 36 INTPs who have voted in this INxx MBTI-Socionics type conversion poll, only 2 went with a different type, 8 typed as INTp (ILI, Ni Te), and the overwhelming majority, 26 INTPs, typed as INTj (LII, Ti Ne). I did go through the angry atheist phase for a while, which is what a T would do but overall no one knows what I am? (most T's are 6's) https:// probably not a 6, although 5w6 seems likely.

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I am definitely Introverted and I am definitely Intuitive. Introversion and Extroversion is the direction from where such results are derived. Extraverted Sensation is high resolution of reality, ever increasing resolution.

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