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The subject of Traumatic Brain Injury is back in the news after the accident suffered by top snowboarder Kevin Pearce.Some timely new research has revealed some of the personality changes that can occur after a TBI, including profound problems in the ability to process emotions.A fall down the stairs, a car crash, a sports injury or an explosive blast can all cause traumatic brain injury (TBI). But in the days or weeks following the hit, they can develop other serious, chronic conditions, such as depression and thinking and memory problems.

Analysis also showed that the levels of the protein that the researchers were trying to reduce dropped by about 80 percent in the injured brain tissue.

Reports from family remembers described a "lack of warmth or love as a postaccident development that placed a burden on their relationship", suggesting a causal link between TBI and empathy problems.

Together with colleague Claire Williams, Wood set out to examine this phenomenon objectively.

In the neurology literature, "empathy" is classified into three broad categories, (1) cognitive empathy; knowing what another person is feeling, (2) emotional empathy; feeling what another person is feeling and (3) compassionate empathy, which is responding compassionately to another persons distress (see here for a review (Interestingly, that book was written by Professor Simon Baron Cohen, cousin of Borat-creator Sacha Baron Cohen.

I guess the ability to understand what makes people uncomfrotable must run in the family)).

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In fact the incidence of low empathy scores was twice that of control subjects. In a related study, they also found TBI patients were also impaired in their ability to recognize the emotions of people in pictures or video.

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